Fast & Furious 8: A classic battle

   WE ALREADY know the names of the Hollywood stars who will appear in Fast & Furious 8. Now, thanks to videos emerging from filming of the action movie in Cuba, we can identify two of their Havana automotive co-stars.
  One is a 1956 Ford Customline Tudor. With black paintwork and red rims, it resembles the Ford driven by "Piti" in the Havana Motor Club film documentary, but that car is a more upscale Fairlane Victoria hardtop.
   The other, missing fenders, hood and even doors, is harder to peg, but close inspection reveals it as a 1949-51 Chevrolet Fleetline Deluxe.
  There appear to be some motorcycles, too. But primarily, this looks to be Ford versus Chevy.
  We also see that the producers prepared two copies of each car for the filming. That's standard practice for a big-budget undertaking, of course, but especially prudent in a country where you always want to have a spare.


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