The understated Lincoln Capri

This 1953 Lincoln Capri has lost the "Dagmar" bumper guards and quarter-panel protrusions that were among its few original adornments. All photos by
   CADILLACS OUTNUMBER Lincolns by a big margin in Cuba, which is no surprise. In the 1950s, GM's luxury division consistently outsold its Ford Motor Co. counterpart (and easily outpaced Chrysler's Imperial brand and faltering Packard as well).
   But you will occasionally come across a fine Lincoln, especially in Havana. That's where the team from spotted this 1953 Lincoln Capri convertible, not far from the Hotel Presidente on Calle G. (Interestingly, Havana is also home to a Hotel Lincoln and a Hotel Capri – the latter built by U.S. mobsters who could well have been chauffeured about in Lincolns or Cadillacs.)
   The Capri was Lincoln's top model from 1952 to '54, with a new ball-joint front suspension, recirculating-ball power steering and a hearty 317.5-cubic-inch V-8.

Does it still have its original overhead-valve V-8 engine with four-barrel Holley carburetor?
   Understated styling – and a close resemblance to Ford's lower-priced Mercury sedans – didn't help the big Lincoln in the sales wars with the flashier Cadillac. But it earned a name as a solid and fast car by dominating Mexico's famous open road race, the Carrera Panamericana.
   This Capri, tomato-red paint nicely set off by its wide-whites, is one of 2,372 convertibles made that year.

Stretched fenders suggest Continental Kit was a factory accessory, not an add-on.

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Unknown said…
Just to let you know I love your blog. I am from Cuba but I live in Ottawa since 2000. My family still lives in Cuba. My brother has one of this legacy cars. A 1952 Buick Eight. The outside seems original but the engine is a Nissan TD25. Well, I'll keep coming back. I am an avid blog reader. Cheers!
Caristas said…
Thanks, Iroel! That Buick sounds neat -- I'd love to see a photo of it. Your comments are welcome any time. Best, Robert
Unknown said…
Robert I have some pictures for you. I just need your email. You can write to iroel.perez at gmail.
Caristas said…
I'll write to you, Iroel.
Another good place to connect with me is the Cars of Cuba group on Facebook.

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