A year of Cuban classics

BMW Isetta is the subject for May in the 2015 Degler Calendar.

   You might not get to Cuba as often as you wish. Perhaps you don't get there at all.
   But with the 2015 Degler Calendar, a premium offering from photographer Piotr Degler Jablonski, you still can spend time with 12 remarkable images from the island of classic vehicles.
   Jablonski is based in Turin, Italy, where he previously worked as a designer for the renowned Bertone auto styling house and coachbuilder. In 2013 he struck upon the idea of producing a calendar with a different automotive theme each year, and Bertone's concept cars were an easy choice as his first subject.
   For his second edition Jablonski went farther afield, travelling the length of Cuba and taking thousands of shots, from which he culled 12 images that portray the island's cars in all their bright dignity.
   The calendar is printed on heavy stock in Italy and costs 65 euros ($81 U.S. at this writing) plus shipping. It's also available in a black anodized frame for 165 euros ($206), or in a numbered "collector's edition" frame with handsome, Cuba-correct stabilized-rust finish for 300 euros ($375).
   For car-lover or Cuba-lover, this would make a nifty gift (even if the recipient is yourself). Order the 2015 edition at www.deglercalendar.com.

From thousands of shots, Jablonski chose 12 for the second edition of the Degler Calendar.

Photos © Piotr Degler Jablonski. Used by permission.


tonyhavana said…
Hey the Hispana Suiza made it in!
Caristas said…
It did indeed! For those who missed Tony's shot of this car:


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