Señor Ralph, your taxi is here

Nader/ U.S. Library of Congress
   Ralph Nader had already made auto safety his cause in 1959, but his visit to Cuba in April that year was prompted by Castro, not cars. He wanted to get a close look at the revolutionary whose seizure of power in Cuba had captured the world's attention.
   Nader succeeded, taking in a press conference and, despite his lack of media credentials, even managing to direct some questions at the Cuban president.
   On his return to the U.S. Nader co-authored a report for the Harvard Law Record, an independent, student-edited newspaper, that today reads largely as an apology for the rush trials and executions that followed Castro's takeover.
   He travelled to Cuba at least twice more, dining with Fidel Castro at the Palace of the Revolution in 2002, where he might have discussed with the Cuban leader his own presidential aspirations, and then returning six years later to again criticize the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba.
   There have been no recorded visits since. Maybe Nader noticed in 2008 that Cubans were STILL driving those Chevrolet Corvairs.

The answer to a question you never thought to ask: What would a 1960 Chevrolet Corvair
look like with headlamps from a modern 

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