Ralph Nader's Cuban cousin

As a 1960 model, Chevrolet Corvair would have been among the last direct U.S. exports.
   By the time Ralph Nader's Unsafe At Any Speed came out in 1965, the suspension of the Chevrolet Corvair had been redesigned. But this first-year '60 Corvair has presumably been riding for five-plus decades on the infamous rear swing-axles that made the early Corvair's handling so unpredictable and earned Chevy's economy car a full chapter in Nader's book.
   Fortunately for its driver – who looks a bit like the young firebrand Ralph, dontcha think? – this Havana Corvair appears quite safe at rest.

Good Corvair article here:


tonyhavana said…
I remember seeing a Corvair in Havana that was front engined. Could have been just the Corvair body on a Lada drivetrain.
Caristas said…
That must have been interesting, tonyhavana. Only in Cuba!

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