A car of many countries

Pride of ownership: Juan Carlos with the second most important thing in his life.
   Juan Carlos lists his priorities.
   "My family is first," he declares. "And then, my car. I love it."
   He knows his blue sedan as an "Argentine Dodge." North Americans may remember it as the Plymouth Cricket.
Modifications start at the grille.
    Brits will lay claim to it as the Hillman Avenger, and indeed, that is the name under which the rear-drive compact debuted in England in 1970.
   Chrysler, then owner of the Rootes Group that included the Hillman brand, sold the Avenger under various designations around the world. In Scandinavia, it was badged as a Sunbeam 1250/1300/1500/1600.
   In Argentina, the source of this Avenger, it was initially offered as the Dodge 1500. After Chrysler sold its Argentine operations to VW in 1980, the badging was changed to "Dodge 1500, Made by Volkswagen Argentina," and later simply to Volkswagen 1500. VW kept making the 1500 until 1990.
   Throughout, it was well regarded for its handling.
   Juan Carlos has put his own stamp on his multi-national car with ground-effects bodywork, a smart custom grille, Corvette-style taillamps and other touches.
   He's shown it plenty of love.

Twin carbs may have been original issue.

Designed in England, assembled in Argentina, customized in Cuba.

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