So right in white

Impala appears to have all of its original chrome. Broad taillights mark it as a '58. 

   THOUGHT FOR a second that this was the Chevrolet Impala convertible I photographed near the Hotel Nacional a couple of years back. But I soon spotted the differences between this ragtop, serving here as camera platform for the lost Chevy commercial, and that other Impala.
   For one, this is a '59, while the hotel car, with its round taillamps, is a '60 (and thus one of the last American cars exported directly to the island). But a more notable difference is this Impala's obvious authenticity as a convertible. The other quickly revealed itself as a conversion from a four-door hardtop.
   That '60 Impala was intriguing. This one is gorgeous.

Crew and convertible take a break from filming.


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