A Plymouth, a Chev and a mystery truck

   THREE MORE images from Tony Robertson, First two are reasonably easy to identify, but the third one has me stumped. Any guesses?

Even sans chrome, Plymouth wagon is recognizable as a '57 Belvedere Sport Suburban. 

Chevy Town Sedan with jazzy paint scheme is a '37 or '38.

Looks like a GMC or a Dodge, but it's something else.


Ralphee said…
Dodge seems to be a good guess. Perhaps it's a Fargo, similar to a Dodge truck, but built in Canada for Chrysler's export markets..?
Caristas said…
Thanks, Ralphee, it does appear to be a '54 to '56 Dodge or Fargo. Can't tell which, but as you say, Fargo was the export brand name.

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