The Hershey train

Cuba's Hershey electric train runs between Matanzas and Havana.
   PEOPLE ADVISED me not to try it. It will be late or won't show up at all, one Cuban told me. Or it will break down midway through my journey and leave me stranded.
   I wasn't worried. If the Hershey electric train didn't happen to be running on the day I planned to take it, well, I could always try the next day. And if it broke down somewhere in the countryside, I knew that the Via Blanca highway was never more than a few kilometres to the north. I could hitch or hire a ride to Havana or back to Santa Cruz del Norte.
   In the next few entries, I'll tell you about my ride on the Hershey train.

Mind the gap: Concrete platforms are none too close to train doors.


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