Little Britain

  Considering its perilous state in the 1980s, the British auto industry has experienced a remarkable resurgence. Yes, its marques today are foreign-owned, but as Ronnie Schreiber reports at The Truth About Cars, Britain has not only become a net automotive exporter, but its industries are gaining a significant role in global supply chains.
  These three small soldiers, however, date from an earlier era of English export success. Again, the shots are from the viewfinder of Ren Bostelaar.

Perhaps on its own way to a rebirth is an Austin A90 Westminster. Marked with 'Austin of England' on its flanks, the A90 was built between 1954 and 1956.

Flush headlamps identify Ford Prefect as a 1949-53; headlamps on earlier Prefects were atop the fenders. The two-door version of this classically penned design was the Anglia.

A later Prefect 100E. More than 100,000 of this series were built by Ford Motor Co.'s British division between 1953 and 1959.


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