Fuel for thought

   Just flew in from Cuba, and boy, are my knees tired! Legroom, it`s clear, is not a priority on the Boeing 737s operated by CanJet (or is it Sardine-CanJet?). Still, the price was right.
   As was the Cuban experience.
   One thing I noticed. The smell of diesel fuel in Havana has never seemed so strong. It could have been the weather – hot, still days, and then rain.
   It could be a change – and not for the better – in the refining process.
   Or maybe it`s simply that after years of particulate filters and low-sulphur "clean" diesel in Europe and North America, some of us have forgotten the greasy, rotten-eggs odour of old-style diesel.
   One certainty. It is not the smell of progress.


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