Cuba car rental guide: The facts

Mazda? Nope, Changan Alsvin.
     MUCH OF what you read on the Internet about renting a car in Cuba is confusing. Some of it is wrong.
  And some things – like the supposed "Chana Alfwin" – are confusingly wrong.
   Several Cuban rental sites (well, they're mostly not Cuban – see below), list the Chana Alfwin sedan among available cars. Never having heard of the Alfwin, I was curious about who makes it and how it is regarded. Yet for all my digging, I couldn't find any mention of this car elsewhere.
   A unique-to-Cuba vehicle?
   Nope. The "Alfwin," I finally discovered, is actually the Alsvin, produced by Chinese manufacturer Changan Automobile Co., which sometimes refers to itself in English as Chana. Changan is reportedly a division of the state-owned Chinese Weaponry Equipment.
   Considered a midsize model in Cuba, the Alsvin would be regarded as a compact in most other places. It bears a more-than-passing resemblance to the first series Mazda 3, though with a 99-inch (2515 millimetres) wheelbase, it's considerably shorter than the Mazda (103.9 in./2,639 mm).
   Is it a good car? Who – apart from many thousands of Chinese drivers – can say? It appears to have scored three of a possible five stars in Chinese crash-testing, not wonderful but several constellations above the Geely CK that is another Cuban rental choice.
   I'll be in Cuba soon. I'll watch for the Alsvin/Alfwin.

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Samsung (Nissan) SM3, left, and Geely CK. Take the Samsung.


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