Colour coincidence?

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   Could the 1950 Buick Super convertible above, overflowing with merrymakers in the time when Havana still celebrated Carnaval, be the same Super convertible I came upon not far from Havana in 2012?
   Granted, Buick built 12,259 Super convertible coupes for the 1950 model year. We can be pretty sure that more than one went to Cuba.
   Still, there was no shade in Buick's colour catalogue for 1950 that came close to the hue – Tangerine Sunrise? – that looks to be the carnival car's original paint. It could only have been a special order. And while the car I saw had obviously been resprayed, no doubt many times over, its colour is remarkably similar to the car in the earlier photo.
   I like to think it is the same car.

You won't find this colour on Buick's 1950 paint chart.


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