Doing the Harley math

   SO HOW many Harleys are left in Cuba?
   The Cubanharlistas website, citing the country's National Register of Vehicles, pegs the number at 150, of which about 80 are in regular use.
   But organizers of this month's national gathering of Harlistas in Varadero put the number at 270 to 300, according to an Associated Press report. (Perhaps the organizers were talking about all pre-1960 motorcycles, and not just Harley-Davidsons.)
   In the years before the Revolution, the Harley was known as the favoured ride of Cuba's police and military. Just how many were imported for such service, however, is another matter of debate.
   Cubanharlistas says about 1,000. The AP report, again quoting the rally organizers, suggests 2,000.
   Really, who's to know?
   Still, even taking the higher number from the first set, and the lower number from the second, that leaves a lot of Harleys unaccounted for.

Photos by Stefanie Gassé. Used by permission.


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