Salute to a Suburban

     OVER AT CubanClassics, Ralphee has a photo of a well-preserved 1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe Suburban. As always, he also provides some interesting background notes, in this case on a model with much significance in auto history.
    His entry got me thinking: Didn't I see one of those? Turns out, I did. A far-from-pristine example, to be sure, with some awkward body revisions carried out in its conversion at some point to a small bus, of the sort seen everywhere in the Cuban countryside. But still, an honest wagon, and, as Ralphee notes, "a perfect fit for a small business or suburban commerce."

1950 Plymouth Suburban with custom rear door.


Paul said…
Another fine example showcasing the ingenuity of the Cuban car favorite was a photo of a '57 (I think) Cadillac hearse I saw a few years ago on another website (forgot which one) that had also been converted. The one conversion I do NOT want to see? A '55,'56 or '57 Chevrolet Nomad...that would be so wrong!!
Caristas said…
I hear you, Paul. You'd have to think that there are some Nomads in Cuba, given the popularity of wagons on the island and the fact that the Chevrolets sold in Cuba in the late 1950s tended to be higher-end models. Let's hope they are tucked away, or at least still in stock condition.

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