So many questions

    MOST OF this Havana peso taxi is, I believe, a 1980s Ford fullsize van. That indented accent line above the rocker panel is too distinctive for it to be anything else. The wraparound taillamps must be later additions.
   At first I thought it was the Club Wagon model, but then I realized the sliding side windows are also additions, and probably came from a bus. The rub strips? From a tree.
   But the grille, hood and front fenders? International sprang to mind, no doubt because the word International is painted on the side (along with Fault Line, which I take as ironic statement). But no, these bits aren't from any International truck I can identify.
    So what, then, was the donor? A Soviet military carrier? A British bread van? Or is that bold beak some fiberglass add-on kit, like the Rolls-Royce prows people used to bolt on to their Volkswagen Beetles?
One thing I know. Even without the wooden rub strips, this van would be unique.


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