And a blue-plate puzzle

    Cuba wouldn't be Cuba without its mysteries. Take a close look at this 1960 Chevrolet Impala taxi. Yes, it's a four-door convertible. Chevy made a modern-era phaeton?

    Well, no, but someone in Havana did. A vestigial C-pillar bears evidence of the Chevy's original configuration as a 4-Door Sport Sedan (which, despite its name, was actually a hardtop).

   Another puzzle: the Chevy has a taxi light (from Havana's now-defunct OK line) and blue government plates, but no Gran Car logos on its doors. And given its rusty fenders and tattered interior  not to mention its crude conversion  it's unlikely to be part of that agency's fleet of classics.
    So is the Impala an Imposter?


Anonymous said…
I saw a photo of a Sport Sedan and noticed it has a large wraparound rear window.I would guess it probably got damaged and the owner couldn't find a replacement and so decided to remove the roof. He probably got in "over his head" and decided to get rid of it. I would also guess the car would be restored soon so that's why there are no decals on the doors.
Caristas said…
Very possibly! If it does get restored, it should be a pretty neat car. Thanks for your comment.

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