Cody LeCompte: Justice delayed

   Couple of interesting developments in the LeCompte case. First, despite earlier reports, it appears no decision has been made on whether the 19-year-old will face a criminal trial for the April traffic accident in which one of his passengers was seriously injured. According to the Canadian Press, the Simcoe, Ont., teen was told by his Cuban lawyer that a hearing to determine whether he "faces any charges" will not take place for at least another month.
   My guess is he already faces charges, and the court proceeding will be some type of preliminary inquiry to establish whether enough evidence exists to warrant a trial. The Cuban justice system, though modified with Marxist-Leninist legal theory and mysterious to outsiders (and certain Cubans as well), is rooted in Spanish and American law, suggesting such an approach would be followed.
   The hearing might also be the moment when LeCompte is allowed to plead guilty, pay a fine and leave Cuba, perhaps in time for the start of his studies in the aviation program at Sault College.
If a trial is ordered, it will be before a judge alone. Cuba does not have a jury system.
   Second development: The revelation that LeCompte was listed as a driver on the agreement filled out by the agency providing the rental Hyundai, despite being too young to legally operate a vehicle in Cuba. This is surprising, given the scrutiny my licence has received every time I've rented a car in Cuba. Alone, it may not exonerate him, but it certainly won't help the prosectors' case.
   The teen's mother, Danette LeCompte, says she's already spent $12,000 on costs that include boarding Cody at the Gran Club resort in Santa Lucia while he awaits a decision on his fate.
   As of today, the Help Cody LeCompte group on Facebook has 205 members. 


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