The car in the new Caristas logo is a 1960 Buick  a delightful two-door hardtop. It could be a Le Sabre, an Invicta or even an Electra; there was no way for us to tell in the moments that we drove alongside it on the Via Blanca. No matter what model, it would have had that year's new "Mirrormagic" instrument cluster that allows the gauges to be viewed in a mirror that tilts to suit the driver's eye level. As we crossed a bridge we heard a “ca-chunk” and C., who was taking these photos, said: “I think something just fell off it.”


Ralphee said…
Yeah, you shot my all-time favorite Buick! Mirror magic instrument and incredibly cool tail fins. A real classic. Now, I'm really curious to read about your time at the Biblioteca Nacional José Martí...
Caristas said…
Thanks, Ralphee. It really is a beautiful Buick, and in my opinion, the nicest GM design of 1960 after the Cadillac. No "portholes" on this one to indicate model, but I think it may have had a 1959 Electra badge on the front fender. Afraid that gaining a researcher card was my biggest achievement at the biblioteca, but there's always next time.

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