A year of driving dangerously

   Has it already been 12 months? Time does fly (unless you live in Cuba).
   Given, however, that CARISTAS has already survived longer than most of these Internet efforts – can’t bring myself to use the B-word, Blogspot web address or not – I must confess to a modest measure of pride.
   And to a modest measure of readers, according to the analytics software that tells me how many people are visiting, where they live, what pages they are looking at, what their search terms are, and so on. But traffic, if not stunning, has been steady, and it’s fun to learn where visitors are coming from and what they’re looking for.
   So guy (girl? company?) in Peru who downloads every photo I post – I’m glad you like them. (But if I find out you’re using them for some commercial purpose, I’m telling the ’net cops.)
   U.S. State Department? Haven’t seen you since the administration changed.       Coincidence?
  Coco taxi fans in Latvia, Australia, India and Parsippany, New Jersey – I promise to learn more about these unique Cuban conveyances and report back.
   BMW Isetta followers everywhere – happy I could share the story of a Cuban Isetta.
   And to all the others who’ve arrived here by following a Facebook link, or pushing the “next- blog” button, or in a mistaken search for the Catholic charity called Caritas, or because you’re just noodling around the ’net – thanks for stopping by


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