Some are classic to the core

  NOT ALL Cuban classics hide Soviet engines or European differentials under their picturesque body lines. Some owners manage to keep their old rides near-original – an amazing achievement, considering the challenges of car maintenance in Cuba. Here are two largely unmolested examples from the site.

   This “impeccable” 1934 Ford sedan is available only because of the death of its long-time owner, the seller asserts. Apart from wheels and tires that are obvious later additions, this could be a twin to the ’34 Ford in which Bonnie and Clyde’s bank-robbing careers came to a sudden end. Billed as 95-per-cent original, the Cuban Ford comes with extra piston rings and other parts. The listed price is 15,000 CUC ($ 17,356 Cdn.), but “we can negotiate if you are really interested.”

In the U.S., a cherished old Harley-Davidson like this 1946overhead-valve Knucklehead could bring $30,000 or more, its owner says. He’s asking 13,000 CUC ($15,051 Cdn.) and don’t you wish ... Anyway, some Cuban Harlista will give it a good home. This Harley is said to be in perfect condition with all original parts (plus those hard panniers, I guess). The owner calls it an FLH, but he must mean FL. Shame there isn’t a side-view shot, but if you want to see more old Harleys in Cuba, check out the Cars of Cuba group on Facebook.


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