Come for a ride in a BMW Isetta 250

   I've seen photos of a few BMW Isettas in Cuba (or maybe a few photos of the same Isetta in Havana), but I came across this one elsewhere on the island. Its owner, who we will call Maynardo, bought it three years ago and is gradually restoring it.
   I asked Maynardo if I could have a ride in the Isetta  a lifelong dream, ranking just below an Amphicar  and he graciously agreed. Maynardo blew into the gas tank to build up fuel pressure and opened the huge front door so we could settle on the church-bench like seat. With the huge front window before us, I didn't feel at all cramped. It's a lot like a Smart car  surprisingly spacious, at least for two occupants.
   My driver pulled two wires from the tangle below the instrument pod, touched their ends together and the Dynastart (starter-generator) spun the single-cylinder BMW thumper into life. With no cover over the 250-cc engine, motorcycle sounds filled the cabin and echoed from the concrete walls of buildings as we roared along the narrow streets.
   After 10 minutes of bumping around the neighbourhood, we returned to our starting point. We both were grinning.
   I've also been in an Amphicar, once, but not in Cuba.

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Unknown said…
Wow! This looks like fun.
Anonymous said…
otThat's just about the coolest thing I've ever seen - lucky you!

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