Back in the U.S.A.?

Maybe available: a 1955 Ford Customline two-door sedan.
   The United States may be ready to welcome home cars it shipped to Cuba before 1960 – if, that is, Cuba is willing to part with any.
   Daniel Strohl of Hemmings Daily reports that the U.S. government has lifted a prohibition on items exported to Cuba from being returned to the United States, even for service or repair. The change is part of an easing of trade restrictions that form a big part of the Cuban embargo.
   "As written, the new regulation would plausibly allow Cubans to send their old American cars to the United States for restoration ... and even allow them to sell their cars to Americans," Strohl writes.
   But would the Cuban government allow its citizens to ship their cars north? In recent decades, the only cars to leave – at least officially – have been state-owned, and even those have been few. See 55 Reasons Why Cuba's Old Cars Will Keep On Rolling.


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