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Harbour duty

CARISTASFRIEND Tony Robertson shares this image of an MGA in Havana. On behalf of fans the world over of the graceful roadster produced by the British Motor Corp. from 1955 to 1962, we thank him.

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Thumping good '56 Rambler

The owner of this 1956 Rambler Custom spends most of his day driving a a more modern Skoda Octavia Combi taxi cab.
   But that doesn't diminish his affection for the great grey-blue tank that carries him to and from his job.
   "That's mine – good car!" he announces after seeing me photographing the Rambler outside Juan Gualberto Gómez Airport near Matanzas.
   He opens the hood to reveal a four-cylinder Volga gasolina engine in place of the Rambler's original 200-cubic-inch Nash inline six-cylinder. At a steady 60 km/h, he says, the Volga-equipped Custom delivers seven or eight kilometres per litre – that's 17 to 19 miles per U.S. gallon or 20 to 23 per Imperial gallon.
   With its flat flanks, "basket handle" rear roof treatment and inboard-mounted headlamps, a cue from its Nash predecessor, the Rambler is distinctive. Not pretty, but distinctive. And this one is a solid example. Its panels are straight and most of its trim is in place. The owner t…

Chryslers in Cuba

Three more shots from Ren Bostelaar. He does seem drawn to Chrysler products!