Rápido y Furioso in Havana

Ready for a role? A 1953 Ford sedan.
   MAJOR LAZER, Barack Obama, the Rolling Stones and now a film crew for the latest Fast & Furious movie – Cuba's capital is having quite the year.
   Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez are in Havana and Charlize Theron is expected to arrive soon to shoot the Cuban segment of Fast & Furious 8, which also will be set in New York and the great street-racing nation of Iceland.
   How Cuba will figure into the storyline won't be known until the movie is released in 2017. Judging by earlier instalments of the enormously successful Fast & Furious series, however, we can safely predict that the sequence will include tire smoke, the sound of high-revving engines and various infractions of the laws of 
   And, of course, old cars. According to the Havana Times, the producers were in Cuba in late 2015 seeking 1950s American cars for potential use in the movie.
   We can be reasonably sure they found some.

In Havana, a 1958 Dodge awaits discovery.
Malecón promenade is said to be among the filming locations.


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