Date the Beetles

Turn signals atop the fenders probably identify this Matanzas gold Bug as a pre-1975 model.
   VOLKSWAGEN Beetles, as mentioned, are plentiful in Cuba (as they are in many countries). I'm thinking the Beetles, or VW Type 1s, I've come across on the island are all from the 1970s, but as to their specific years, or place of origin, I can't be sure. Any experts care to weigh in?

Look past the smart graphics, and this VW is a puzzler. Most of the body appears to be from the 1965-and-later series, but the doors have the thicker posts of earlier Beetles. Perhaps the doors came from Brazil, where the older body style was retained through at least 1973.

Decklid vent pattern allows us to narrow the year of this Beetle to '70 or '71.

At least for Beetles sold in Europe and North America, the signal lamps moved to the front bumper in 1975.

Another puzzler, with turn signals in the bumper AND on the fenders. And here again, the doors appear to be lifted from a different body series.


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