U.S. shows colours, Cuba shows cars

Havana's former flag thicket. Wikipedia photo by Angelo Lucia.

   NOT SO LONG ago, the plaza separating what was then the U.S. Interests Section building in Havana from the Malecón waterfront boulevard was home to a forest of Cuban flags – part of the long-running propaganda war between Cuba and the United States.
   Today, the plaza's flagpoles stood bare, allowing a unimpeded view of the ceremony to raise the Stars and Stripes outside the newly reopened U.S. embassy.
   The now-clear sightlines had an additional purpose.
   Perfectly positioned on the Malecón to appear in the camera shots behind U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was a trio of handsome old Chevrolets: a two-tone '55 sedan, a black '59 Impala four-door and the king of classics – a red '57 Bel Air convertible.
  The message? American tourists, your rides await.

Old Glory and old glories, as captured in a video by CCTV America and posted on YouTube.


Ralphee said…
An amazing arrangement, indeed. Not long ago you weren't allowed to slow down – let alone stop – your car on that stretch of the Malecon. The ever watchful Cuban authorities would have let you know instantly… Without question, the three cars are parked very intentionally. It’s good, however, to see change happening, even if it is for now only in the way Cuba polishes its image to the world.
Caristas said…
Yes, we have to love it when a '57 Chevy becomes political common ground!

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