Low-key in 1957, highly noticeable now

Oldsmobile called its four-door hardtop the Holiday Sedan.
   THE 1957 OLDSMOBILE was said to have restrained styling, at least in comparison to sister General Motors divisions Pontiac, Buick and Chevrolet.
   Today, though, few would consider the '57 Oldsmobile, with its big, jet-age badge and heavy chrome "Hi-Lo Bumper," as understated.
   It's hard to tell whether this Olds is a Golden Rocket 88 (the base model, if you can believe it) or the one-level-up Super 88. We can, however, identify it as a Holiday Sedan, which was Oldsmobile's name for a four-door hardtop.
   Oldsmobile was celebrating its 60th anniversary the year this car was built. The marque was phased out in 2004, and Oldsmobiles are becoming a less common sight in North America.
   They're still highly visible in Cuba.

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