Motorcycle racing on the Malecón

Sportbikes sweep through the course along the Havana waterfront.
   THE-STATE-APPROVED drag-racing events described here recently weren't the first time Cuba has broken its own ban on organized motorsports.
   In 2004, the government allowed motorcycle races on a closed circuit on Havana's Malecón, the same waterfront avenue that was the site of the Cuban Grand Prix in 1957 and 1958. CARISTAS contributor Tony Robertson was at the races and took the photos you see here.
   Several large-displacement bikes took to the course in what may have been a demonstration event for the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship. Running in their own class were smaller-displacement Cuban motorcycles, many with modifications suggesting they were part of some regular, if little-publicized, local racing series.

Bigger motorcycles may have come from the
Carribean Motor Racing Championship.

A Cuban entry passes the Monument to the Victims of the USS Maine.

Photos by Tony Robertson. Used by permission.


tonyhavana said…
Great post Rob, thanks for using my pics. One thing though, the caption for the first pic. Large displacement....?
Caristas said…
Thanks Tony. I've clarified that caption.

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