Yes, they say, but what about the cars?

Not ready for retirement, a 1955 Dodge taxi looks for tourist fares.
   THE BIGGEST biggest development in U.S.-Cuba relations since the Bay of Pigs Invasion and what are some news outlets talking about?
"The Era Of Cuba's Classic American Cars May Be Coming To An End" – Business Insider.
   "How Long Can Cuba's Beautiful Classic Cars Last?" – CNN.
   "Cuba Trade Could Benefit Car Collectors, Automakers" – USA Today.
   C'mon folks. While people might expect such speculation from, well, car-crazy blogs like this, they look to organizations like yourselves for broader perspective on today's historic announcements from Barack Obama and Raúl Castro about the thawing of a 54-year ice age.
   Then again, the ancient, pre-revolution American autos that still serve so many Cubans are what many outsiders think of first when the topic of the Caribbean island nation arises.
   What will happen to the old cars? It's far too early to say.
   But to answer CNN's question ... a whole lot longer, if necessary.


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