Their daily fix

Door repair will have to wait until engine work is complete on this 1953 Dodge. (Correction: It's a '54 Chevrolet.)
   Where I live, I don't see many people fixing their own vehicles. Cars break down less frequently than they did even in the 1960s and '70s (take a bow, fuel injection and electronic ignition). And when they do stop working, the cause is usually something that cannot be addressed, even temporarily, with some friction tape or a length of pantyhose.
   It's different in Cuba, where cars are old and parts and money are scarce. Own a vehicle in Cuba, and you had better know how to repair it.

Committee consults on stalled Moskvich in Miramar.

In Old Havana, the owner of an ailing '52 Chevrolet gets advice from the local beat cop.


Anonymous said…
First car (red) is a '54 Chevy, not a Dodge...
Caristas said…
Hmmm ... right you are, Anon. thanks for the correction!

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