Now that's awkward

Squint, and altered Studebaker looks a bit like a Vista Cruiser. Or not.
   As mentioned, not every Cuban station wagon conversion is a vehicle of beauty.
   This 1951 Studebaker Commander (though wearing the full chrome '50 bullet nose) could never pass as a factory original – even if Studebaker had offered a wagon that year, which it didn't.
   Grafted-on bustle aside, however – OK, those industrial-strength bumpers also aside – it appears to be quite presentable.
   This one-of-a-kind Studebaker was for sale a while back on the Revolico classified ad site. Forget the asking price, but seem to recall it was hefty. Still, maybe not a bad deal for a buyer more concerned with function than style.

 Square bump-out boost space. Square bumpers boost presence.


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