Rental car death row

Tripod Geely: Apparently, not a spare tire to spare.
   These Chinese-built Geely CKs look to have had a short life as daily rentals in Cuba.
   In their defence, however, let's remember that the CK is the island's cheapest rental vehicle. That makes it the first choice of Cuban nationals looking to rent a car, and thus likely to spend most of its time on the battered roads that are a fact of life away from the tourist areas.
   Appearances notwithstanding, these Geelys may not have reached the end of their road. A rental official thought they could be destined for Venezuela, as partial payment for the oil the South American nation ships to Cuba.

Unhappy diagnosis.

That probably won't buff out.

Cuban sun isn't kind to plastic parts.
An array of wounded CKs: Next stop, Venezuela?


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