O Kapitän

   Just back from Cuba with a slight sunburn, many warm memories and, of course, enough photos to fill the trunk of this 1956/57 Opel Kapitän sedan. The rather suggestive ornament, above, wasn't a stock Opel item, but nonetheless looks at home on the Kapitän's hood.

Opel  Kapitän 1956/57.


Paul said…
Hi Rob, it's been a while since my last comment--anyway, it appears the owner of the Opel found an old hood ornament that depicts the Ryan NYP(AKA "Spirit of St. Louis")from the late '20s..which also explains the hole on the top for the "Motometer"(that was a thermometer on the radiator cap also until the late '20s)..got to say it's pretty unique!!
Caristas said…
Hi Paul. Props to you (as Lucky Lindy might have said) for identifying this ornament. I imagine it could be a valuable piece, even given its condition. Most interesting!

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