Spot the Hino, win, well, bragging rights

   VISITORS CAN be forgiven for thinking that every second truck in Cuba is a product of Japanese manufacturer Hino.
    In fact, the only Hino contribution to most of those trucks is the winged badge on the grille. Everything back of that badge is pure -- OK, pure-ish -- Soviet technology.
    Why do Cuban truckers mount big chrome Hino logos on their vehicles? I think it's because they look so cool.
    So can you tell which of the vehicles below is a real Hino, and which are imposters?

Truck A

Truck B
Truck C
Truck D
I'll provide answers in my next post.


Anonymous said…
Hi again Rob, it's Paul--this is a tough one. I'm sure it's not (B)(looks like a Soviet model) or (D) (could be a modified Canadian model)so it's either(A)or(C).I'll take a wild guess and say (C).
Caristas said…
Interesting deductions, Paul!

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