Computer cacharro

   Nothing like a hard drive crash to bring home the importance of backing up irreplaceable photos. I have an external drive, but for some reason  OK,  laziness  I hadn't copied anything to it for 12 months.
   So when my main drive gave up last week, I thought I'd lost a year's worth of material  including nearly 800 Cuba images. I was bummed.
   Fortunately, after a series of manoeuvres that would make a Cuban mechanic proud  yes, including the freezer trick  I was able to bring the drive back to life. Photos and less important stuff, like tax returns, are safely backed up.
   And I'm even using that same drive as I write this, though I realize it's living on b


Anonymous said…
That sounds like a close one! I hope you learned your lesson!
Caristas said…
I sure did. And I'm sure I will again!

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