Mechanical governors

 President Raúl Castro has called for term limits for Cuba's leaders, admitting that new blood is needed to replace the island's aging incumbents. "It's really embarrassing that we have not solved this problem in more than half a century," Castro said.
  Perhaps this means a well-deserved retirement is finally in sight for Cuba's Studebaker Commanders and Presidents, Lincoln Premieres and Pontiac Star Chiefs  not to mention any surviving Volga General Secretary Mark IVs.

1950-52 Studebaker Commander (or maybe a Champion) in Vedado.


Iroel said…
Do you know Cuban mechanics call Studebakers in Cuba?

"Es-tu-desgracia" meaning it is your disgrace to buy one.

Apparently they are hard to repair. The windshield has to be handmade because they are hard to adapt from other brands. I was discourage to buy one for my brother.
Caristas said…
Ha! I didn't know that. Still, they are graceful to look at, at least.

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