The accidented tourists

                                                              Copyright Robin Thom. Used by permission.
      Prolific photographer Robin Thom took this shot in Cascorro, a small town on the Carretera Central in the eastern part of the island. White Hyundai Accents, as far as I've seen, are used exclusively in Cuba as rental cars, and are usually driven by foreign visitors.
    Cascorro, by the way, is just west of Camegüey, the city that was Cody LeCompte's destination when his rental Accent was struck broadside by a dump truck, injuring the Canadian teenager and three passengers and triggering LeCompte's detainment on the island until public and political pressure secured his release.
    This photo, however, was taken before LeCompte's April 2010 collision, so his Accent is not among these battered examples.
    To see more -- much more! -- of Robin Thom's work, including an outstanding array of Cuban car images, check out his portfolio on Flickr.


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