Call me a classic cab

 Until this year, private taxis in Cuba weren't supposed to pick up tourists. Visitors who wanted a ride in one of the island's famous old cars had to be satisfied with the small fleet of government-owned classics operating from the Hotel Nacional in Havana, or make an under-the-table deal with a car owner and hope they weren't stopped by police.
    Then, late in 2010, in an effort to breathe some entrepreneurial life into Cuba's slumbering, state-run economy, the government announced that 178 self-employment activities would now be permitted. Among them: the transportation of passengers without restriction.
    Now, visitors can see the sights from cars like this sparkling 1957 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan without fear of sparking an international incident.

Tour the island in this 1957 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan.


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