This thing is not a Thing

   SPENT A noon hour recently at the Plaza de la Revolución, waiting for my reseacher card to be approved at the Biblioteca Nacional José Martí across the street. While other visitors took pictures of the square’s famous ironwork profile of Che Guevara and the newly added image of Camilo Cienfuegos, I aimed my camera outward, at the traffic buzzing by on the boulevards surrounding the plaza.
   Among my more interesting sightings was this little machine. For a moment I thought it was a Volkswagen Type 181 Kurierwagen, the military-style utility vehicle that was sold in North America as the Thing. But a closer look told me this was smaller and more detailed than the plain-sided Thing. (Interesting: A Thing appears in the background of a scene in The World’s Fastest Indian, which is based on events years before the Thing’s 1969 introduction. Given its mid-century looks, however, we can forgive the movie people for the anachronism.)
   So what is this? A Soviet dune buggy-Jeep cross? Whatever. I like it.
   And OK, I did take a touristy photo, too.


It's a brazilian car from the 80's, named Gurgel!! That car in Cuba is unbelievable!!
1600cc.VW engine and fiberglass body.
Congratulations for your excellent blog, and long life to Cuban Classic Cars!!

P.S: sorry, but my english is very poor!!
Gurgel was one of the few genuine national auto plants, though their cars have never been popular. Some units were exported to africa and south america, but I really do not understand how that drive the model X-12 may have arrived in Cuba.
Caristas said…
Thanks, Justino -- I'm happy to learn the name of this car. Gurgel sounds like a very interesting manufacturer. Thank you also for your kind words about Caristas -- I'm glad you enjoy it!

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