More of Tony’s trophies

Some other neat sightings from Tony Robertson:

A display of motorcycles at a gathering of Cuba’s famous Harlistas. I’d say this Harley-Davidson is a mid-1950s FL Hydra-Glide, maybe even a ’54 from H-D’s 50th anniversary year. If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will tell me.

Thought I recognized this BMW Isetta 300. It’s the same Havana Isetta that’s pictured on the Wikipedia entry for this model. The microcar is partially covered in this photo, but from that other shot, we can tell that it’s not a Cabriolet Tropical like the one I rode in last year.

Tony says this Hispano-Suiza is the rarest car he’s seen in Cuba. I think it’s an H6B, the model that was one of the most refined and expensive cars of the 1920s. One of the several custom coachbuilders that worked with Hispano-Suiza would have supplied the closed body on this right-hand-drive example. No doubt this is a very valuable car.


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