More from Cuba’s Craiglist

   Remember, you can’t buy these cars. Heck, even most Cubans supposedly can’t buy these cars, as discussed in this post and this followup.
   But it’s still fun to look.

   Robertico is asking 8,500 CUC ($9,841 Cdn.) for this 1959 Buick, which looks like a Le Sabre or an Invicta. He’s also willing to trade for a ’55 or ’56 Chevrolet, but then, who wouldn’t be? Not that the Buick, with the floating hardtop roof that was a distinctive styling element of General Motors cars of that year, isn’t handsome. Looks to have its fair share of body filler, though.

   This is a 1956 Rambler "American" (actually a Custom, Super or De Luxe) with Volga 24 engine, transmission and brakes. Tires are new, and the electrical system was recently replaced. Needs some detailing to look its finest, says the seller, but it runs just great. Yours for 5,500 CUC ($6,368 Cdn.)

Many Cuban cars have Volga running gear; here’s one with Volga everything. Well, almost. The carburetor of this Volga 21 wagon is from a Lada, and the alternator, or maybe the battery, is a Delco. The owner will negotiate on price. (Good article on Volgas here.)


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