Hino, Hino, Hino

   Now a division of Toyota, Hino describes itself as the world's third-largest truck builder. The Japanese manufacturer's buses and trucks are in use daily from Canada to Thailand. Rarely outside Cuba, however, will you see a veteran Hino like this still in service. Its round headlamps and old, winged logo mark it, I believe, as a survivor from the 1960s. Outside, it looked great. Inside, well, it needed some work.


Adrian said…
That's an IFA from EWast Germany Probably 1980s.... Unless HINO built them under licence - which I doubt.
Caristas said…
Sheesh. You're right, of course, Adrian. Guess I was taken with (and by) that nifty winged emblem and never stopped to think it could be attached to something else -- in this case a W50 from IFA (Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau). Thanks for pointing this out.

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