Fearless Steve's road diary

Put a very tall fellow on a rather small scooter and you know you’re in for an entertaining road trip.
Steve “YYZ” (apparently he’s the namesake for Toronto’s Pearson Airport) is a frequent visitor to Cuba and, evidently, fearless. Steve, all six-foot-and-a-bunch of him, recently folded himself onto a Chinese-made rental scooter and set out on repeated excursions from Havana, dodging potholes and traffic cops. He doesn’t quite dodge bullets, though once, riding alongside a military live-fire exercise, he can “clearly hear the zzzzzzzzip in the air as rounds pass down the range.”
Steve’s rich description of his travels can be found on the 7daysinparadise.com website. The writing style is easygoing, sometimes – LOL!! – too easygoing, but Steve’s self-deprecating humour and keen eye for detail will keep you smiling and reading. Ride along as he scours Havana for the ingredients for a dinner for some Cuban friends. Walk along as he finds himself pushing his stalled moto up the same hill twice.
That keen eye also reveals itself in a fine selection of photos, some shot from the saddle of his moving scooter. One picture, I notice, is of the same 1958 Edsel Pacer wedding car I shot in Havana a couple of years ago – but Steve’s photo is much better than mine.


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